She Walks In Shadows: Support The First All-Women Lovecraft Anthology

Loligo vulgaris. © Hans Hillewaert / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Like Lovecraft? Speculative fiction? Squid? Then you’ll like the first all-women Lovecraft anthology.

There’s just one thing: it needs your support to make it happen. Authors Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles have gathered together more than a dozen female writers to prove, as they say, that “chicks dig Cthulhu”.

From the campaign website:

Do girls just not like to play with squids? That’s the question an editor asked on Facebook. What followed was a long discussion on Lovecraftian fiction and women. And the need for an answer.

The answer: Women do write Lovecraftian fiction. We aim to prove it with your support. More than a dozen female authors have gathered to write original Lovecraftiana and place it in a single volume under the title She Walks In Shadows.”

So, support Team Squid! You’ve got until March 13 to help them raise the $8,000 they need.

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