The Importance of Interaction Design with AI

The blog Make it So asks, “What is the role of interaction design in the world of AI?”

“Just before the singularity, and quite possibly for a little while after it, there are going to be less-than-godlike AIs. AI2s that live in toasters, cars, movie theaters, and maybe even sci-fi interface blogs. These will need to be built and compiled, rather than evolved.

These AI2s will need to interface with humans. They’ll need to get our attention, present options, help us manage processes, confirm actions, and ask after goals. They’re going to have to check in with us to confirm our internal state. Sure, they’ll be good at reading us, but let’s hope they never think they’re perfect. After all we’re not entirely sure how we feel at times, or what we want. So we’ll have to craft those complex, affective and social rules. We’ll have to explain ourselves.”

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  • john zande  On 22 February 2014 at 11:39 AM

    This is true, although i think AI will proceed using something akin to Occam’s Razor where a small menu of options are graded from least to most likely. I’d imagine that to be the fasted route.

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