Sci-Fi Month: Update & Thursday Linkdump

Happy Thursday. Here’s an update on Sci-Fi Month so far.

Due to a busy schedule the past week, I’ve decided to use this weekend to write the vN/Caves of Steel comparison post that was originally scheduled for today (the post will be out early-mid next week). In its place, here are some science-fiction/futurism themed links I’ve found in my travels online during the last week or so.

  • Almost Human aired on FOX on November 17 and 18. I’ve seen the first two episodes and the show is definitely watchable. The show is a bit heavy-handed with exposition, but there is room for the characters to grow and the plot to be developed.
  • In an article that ties in rather nicely with my Caves of Steel re-read from last week, Slate examines The Caves of Steel, The Naked Sun, and The Robots of Dawn and the disadvantages of increased life extension.
  • Angry Robot Books announces that Madeline Ashby has signed a two-book deal — a standalone novel (Company Town) and the concluding book of the Machine Dynasty series (Rev).
  • Scientists are modelling ways for robots to evolve on their own. Or as Madeline Ashby tweets, “Oh, look. Robots that build themselves and each other. Imagine that.”
  • SF author Sunny Moraine (@dynamicsymmetry) lists their 2013 works that are eligible for this year’s Nebula Awards. It’s impressive: six short stories (some of which have appeared in Clarkesworld and Strange Horizons), and two novels.
  • There looks to be a promising new show on the Science Channel: Futurescape, a six-part documentary hosted by actor James Woods. As puts it, “…in addition to heralding the technologies of the future, the show takes a nuanced look at the negative consequences as well.”
  • The drones of the future won’t kill, they’ll take selfies.
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