Walter Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001… in 1967

Time for a dose of retro-futurism. From the March 12, 1967 episode of the CBS show “The 21st Century”, here’s Walter Cronkite showing viewers the home office of the future:

Discounting the cringingly dated assumptions – “Now this is where a man might spend most of his time in the home office of the 21st century” – the predictions of the 21st century home office are quite accurate. The show manages to predict flat-panel computer monitors, instant access of weather, financial information and news, and even a rudimentary form of Skype.

Best lines? “With equipment like this in the home of the future… we may not have to go to work. The work would come to us.” Sorry, but no. That’s one thing we denizens of the future still haven’t managed to totally achieve.

(H/T to @petermansbridge for the link)

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