Skepticon 5 Has Arrived!

Once again, the skeptical community has gathered this weekend to bring you Skepticon 5, America’s largest free conference on skepticism! Started in 2007 by students at Missouri State University with two keynote speakers, the event has grown to showcase the leading lights of the skeptical and atheist movements – just some of this year’s speakers include PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, Greta Christina, Hemant Mehta, science writers Sean Carroll and Jennifer Ouelette, Jessica Ahlquist, and many more.

Alas, my wife and I won’t be able to make it (something about Springfield, MO being about 18 hours away), so it looks like we’ll have to participate through the magic of the internet. Luckily for skeptical folk far and wide, there are ways to do this. 🙂

  1. The Skepticon team have put together a handy livestream of the event here: . Just note that you will have to create a Livestream account to watch, or you can log in through Facebook.
  2. Skepticon will have videos of individual talks loaded once they have completed the conference, so check back here for videos.
  3. You can follow the action on Twitter, through the hashtag #sk5.

(H/T to @abiodork, who handily posted the livestream address.)

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