Terra Cognition Redux

A new season approaches. Time for a change. Time to resurrect Terra Cognition.

Not that the blog was dead to begin with. Terra Cognition has been in stasis for a while – not for any official reason, but mostly because I had felt there was too much to write about. My original definition of the blog – posting on any topic which happened to interest me – was too broad. It left me with too many topics to consider and was it discouraging to deal with the overwhelm.

But enough with the excuses. I’ve decided to refocus the blog on science, skepticism, and science fiction, as you can see above. I’ve been following the science and skeptical community for years now through blogs and Twitter, but don’t feel like I’ve added anything of value to the community. The new, revamped Terra Cognition is my attempt to contribute to the science and skeptical communities (however small and insignificant this blog may be) by bringing you what’s going on the science and skeptical worlds.

Hope you enjoy it. Onwards!

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