Weekly Link Roundup #4

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  • NASA’s last space shuttle lands safely back on earth. And with the space shuttle program cancelled, private firms are now competing to be the first to land on the moon with the promise of a $29 million prize from Google.
  • Meanwhile at NASA, Gale crater on Mars has been chosen as the landing site for NASA’s next Mars rover in NASA’s continuing search for microbial life on Mars. Launching late this year, the rover will reach Mars by August 2012.
  • Two teams of astronomers have found the largest and most distant reservoir of water ever detected in the known universe. The good news? It contains 140 trillion times the amount of water in the Earth’s oceans. The bad news? It surrounds a black hole about 12 billion light-years away. Don’t get too thirsty.
  • July 21 marked the centennial of the birth of Marshall McLuhan, noted Canadian communications and media theorist.
  • Sorry, McFly. Turns out time travel may be impossible after all.
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