Weekly Link Roundup #1

Interesting and intriguing blogs, blog posts, articles, videos and photos, hand-picked and served up fresh every Sunday.

  • Bob McDonald, CBC science correspondent and host of CBC Radio’s weekly science program Quirks and Quarks receives a well-deserved naming to the Order of Canada.
  • Scientists determine the colouration of Confuciusornis sanctus, which lived 120 million years ago and is the oldest beaked bird ever discovered.
  • A report by Global Forest Watch Canada reveals that Canada is falling behind the global average in protecting its wilderness.
  • Canada celebrated its 144th birthday on July 1. America is 235 on July 4. Whichever you celebrate, check out these sources for the science of fireworks, courtesy of Scientific American.
  • Google introduces Google+, making its long-awaited entry into the wonderful world of social networking. What’s it like? As usual, Xkcd can explain it better than I can:

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